HERBAL DERIVATIVES UNIT CONGLOMERATE – The Legal Cannabis Industry’s Corporate Event Band & Music Media Conglomerate ™

Herbal Derivatives Unit Conglomerate (HerbDUC) is a 6 piece (male vocalist, female vocalist, bassist, drummer, guitarist and keyboardist) corporate cannabis event band based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was created specifically and exclusively to perform live, DJ, and and also to produce custom made original music for the legal cannabis industry and its related corporate events throughout the continental United States and internationally abroad. We also provide our live band and DJ services to the blossoming & extremely popular Canna Wedding event scene. Music & cannabis go naturally hand in hand and whether you need a professional level live band to perform for the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C., a radio jingle created for the Cannabis World Congress & Expo in New York City, event theme music created for the CannaTech 2024 Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, or custom made music tracks for a cannabis documentary, Herbal Derivatives Unit Conglomerate will provide the highest quality music played by professional former US Navy & Army bandsmen that possess literal decades of international playing, touring and recording experience. We’re extremely fortunate to have all of our production work mixed & mastered by award-winning engineer The CEEZ down in Key West, Fl. HerbDUC guarantees client musical satisfaction for every single performance whether live or in the studio as it plays all genres of music from Amadeus to Ziggy Marley. Herbal Derivatives Unit Conglomerate has you covered for any and all things music and cannabis-related.

Thanks for falling through and exploring the website as I sincerely appreciate you visiting and allowing me to share my life’s long genuine love and passion for both music and cannabis with you. Give Thanks. Respect, Peace & Blessings 2U & Yours. Jah Bless. One Love. Music Is Life.

Willoughby Spitt a.k.a. The Black Cannasseur